“It feels like flying,” and other reviews…

Town Mouse
“…and besides, single gear or no single gear, the Paper Bicycle didn’t seem to have any trouble climb­ing hills, even with me at the pedals. After the first little ‘oh help, steep bit, change down, oh damn …’ I didn’t really find I missed the gears at all. I’m not saying that hills were effortless, for I was certainly a bit puffed as we came up the first significant hill, but I never had that feeling of running out of gears, and in fact I never even needed to get out of the saddle.
Whether it was the geometry, the build quality, the big fat floaty tyres or some sort of hidden engine in the seat tube, the bike just kept on going up and up and up in a way that even my own bike doesn’t (there’s a rather more scientific discussion of why this should be so on Lovely Bike if you want to get all technical on me – see the comments).”
“I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the technicalities of bikes, but I do know what I like, and I liked it a lot. It didn’t quite give me the upright regal bearing you get on a propr dutch bike (although if I’d had the handlebars a little higher it might have). There’s a level of attention to detail to the design that makes it really pleasing to the eye – like the fact that when you kick up the integrated kick stand it lines up with the chain case thing to look like a little chrome exhaust pipe. It has everything you’d expect from a sensible city bike – full chain case, mudguards, dynamo lighting, reliable brakes – a true get on and go bike. It attracted second glances (even allowing for the fact that I was following a bloke on a recumbent) and admiring looks, which is always nice.
In a handsome, dress-up city like Edinburgh it’s nice to have a bike you can ride in smart clothes without worrying about oil. And you can get it powdercoated to order almost any colour you choose so you could even match it to your favourite outfit if you wanted to really work the cycle chic vibe. If I lived in London still, I’d buy one right now and ride it everywhere” – Sally Hinchcliffe.

David McCraw
“This bike was fitted with the top of the line 8 speed hub – and apart from some serious noise in certain gears (which may well ease after the initial run-in period), it performed nicely. Shifts were smooth and precise and the hub coped with shifting fistfuls at a time. I didn’t try shifting under load (as I have an in­ternally geared bike myself, avoiding this has become second nature). – David McCraw

Lovely Bicycle
“Overall, I did not expect a bicycle this stately and stable to feel so fast on the road and so maneuverable in traffic. And with the 2” balloon tires, the ride quality over potholes was fantastic. Of all the upright city bi­cycles I’ve ridden so far, the Paper Bicycle’s handling is possibly my favourite.”
“…somehow the bike seemed to whisper to me “You can take your hands off the bars now, do it…” – so I did. I was absolutely amazed that I could do it, and that it felt relatively safe and intuitive.”

“Whilst riding I have never had so many people stop me and enquire about a bike, and much amusement was had at the name. I enjoyed riding this bike from the moment I got on. I love the comfortable, upright riding position, which is in contrast to the more ‘lean­ing forward’ bikes I normally ride. This is truly a bike for everyone – it is ‘one size fits all’ (70-95cm inside leg) and perfect for short commutes and carrying loads, but more than anything for someone who is looking for a relaxed ride but doesn’t mind admiring glances.” – Adam Coffmam

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