We are a specialist bicycle internet retailer, offering our customers the fantastic opportunity to design their own unique bike or simply just pick one from our existing stock.

We’re the Finnish resellers of two brands, Douze Cycles and Paper Bicycle.

Douze Cycles are a company passionate about their work, their work is solid, the bikes durable and their aim is always to satisfy and make their customers happy! Douze Cycles are of the highest quality and each bicycle is handcrafted.

The Paper Bicycle (and no, the bikes aren’t made of paper!) celebrates the joy of cycling; a ride that is relaxed and nimble, a machine that works every time you need it to, and a journey that leaves you comfortable and refreshed.

We at Velomix can guarantee that cycling is going to become even more of a pleasure, when you’re riding your own bespoke durable bike. The sturdy frame of our bikes will last for decades, the fat tyres are going to feel smooth on the road and your upright posture will take the weight off your hands, leaving you invigorated and smiling after your ride.

Interested in learning more but don’t live in Finland? Not a problem, we speak English and deliver internationally – just give us a call, sms or e-mail us!

I´m open to discuss the best bicycle solution for you. We are used to extrem solutions.

Put the fun between your legs and enjoy!

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