Business on a bicycle

The Paper Bicycle is ideal for business use, whether you need one for cycling to meetings or 1,000 for a public share scheme the Paper Bicycle is ideal.

  • It looks good, and we can make it in your colours with your brand on the chain panel.
  • It will fit almost all riders, its quick to adjust, and they all like riding it.
  • Its reliable and durable, in the long run its much cheaper than a cheap bike.
  • Our biggest fleet is 1,000 bicycle strong: we know what works and what doesn’t.

Company Bicycle

Walking when you could be cycling wastes time, and wastes money. Taking a taxi when you could be cycling costs a fortune. A company bicycle in your brand colours presents the perfect image while at the same time reducing your overhead.

Hotel Bicycle

Help your guests get around the City with a bicycle that acts as a mobile advert for your Hotel.

Industrial Bicycle

Durability and reliability are key. This bicycle is the ideal site bike, it simply works its easy to look after and it survives the roughest of enviroments and the roughest of users.

Public share fleets

The Paper Bicycle is widely used in Germany and Switzerland as a public share bicycle. The largest fleet is in Mainz with 1,000 bicycles, and we count Swiss Rail and Deutsche Bahn as users. The demands on a public bicycle are huge, and the Paper Bicycle has proven itself time and time again.

Benefits riding a Paper Bicycle

Joy Ride
The upright posture takes the weight off your hands, while the clever frame and fat tyres smooth out the road ahead. The mudguards and covered chain keep your clothes clean and dry, and the open frame makes getting on easy. All ready for a relaxed ride.

The frame design rewrites what a bike can be; The low centre of gravity creates nimble handling, the oversized tubes give stiffness and strength, and the long seat mast smooths the bumps. There’s even a handle to carry it, and an amazing kick stand.

Clean Machine
Components matter, ours will resist years of abuse. Schwalbes Big Apple tyres resist puntures, Sturmey Archer’s hub brakes and 8 speed hub gears hide from destructive dirt, while the the hub dynamo powers LED lights that always light the way ahead.

Hand made
We hand build the bikes in Scotland, one at a time. This means you can have your bicycle painted in any colour you want, then you choose eight gears or one, dynamo lights or none. You can also have a rear rack, or front basket fitted, or perhaps two childrens seats.

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