The philosophy

DOUZE Cycles introduces a new concept of convenient cargo bicycle. Inspired by famous freight cycles from the Netherland and Danemark.

Our models, DOUZE Messenger and DOUZE Traveller are designed for urban rides. Our biporteurs allow to carry kids for a ride, to go to shopping, or to transport an infinity of big and heavy things.

Their originality is to be separable and width adjustable on the front part. Once split into two parts, our carrier bikes are not bigger than a conventional bicycle and become easily transportable and storable.

We are doing our job as a passion, we like good and durable work, we like to satisfy our client, and we like to see them happy.

Because our cargo bicycles are handcrafted, each bike is unique and it is possible to observe some minor differences between each models.

Enjoy the ride with DOUZE…

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