• Stylish
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Keeps your 6mm hex key in place
  • Tea Pot bell
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Paper Bicycle, moss gray
  • Carry me!
  • It´s easy to lubricate
  • The hubgears makes it easier uphill
  • Secure your bike!
  • Sturmey Archer 70mm drum brake on the front wheel
  • One sixe fits almost all

Nice and personal.

Mossgray framecolor RAL 7003
Sturmey Archer 8 hubgear
Ergotec saddle
Wooden varnished chainpanel
Starship rack, frame colored

It´s not made from paper; just steel, tradition and a touch of magic. This beautiful bicycle is a simple pleasure to use; a joy to ride, reliable enough for daily use and durable enough for a lifetime of abuse. And the best part – One size fits almost all.

Standard features

  • 26” wheels, Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, 36 spoke aluminium rims
  • Ergotec saddle
  • Sturmey Archer XRD-C, 58”, singel speed
  • Sturmey Archer XFD 70mm drum brakes
  • Chain panel black 3mm thick polyethylene, with a dimpled texture
  • Chain, zinc plated, 1/8” wide, chain with wax lubrication
  • Stainless Steel pre-stretched slick innercables and pre-lubed lined outer, kevlar reinforcement on the front cable
  • Framecolored stainless steel mudguards, with Aluminium stays
  • Tea Pot bell
  • Nice stainless steel kickstand
  • Double wall silver anodized aluminium rim
  • Reflectors
  • Powder coated cromo steel frame with lifetime guarantee

The RAL color in this chart have been matched as closely as technical possible.

All bicycles are made to order, it normally takes 3 weeks, but sometimes longer. Only colours that the powder coater has are practical, some colours (like metallics) cost more. Everything is subject to change, without warning.

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In stock

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